Haughton Utilities


The Town of Haughton contracts with Republic Services which provides solid waste/garbage collection to all residents within the town limits. Residential solid waste is collected once each week. Please contact Town Hall for questions regarding your pickup day. Trash carts should be placed out for pickup at least by 6:30 a.m. on day of scheduled pickup.

Residents will be provided with one trash cart. Please contact the Town Hall at 318-949-9401 if you need a trash cart delivered or for repair of an existing trash cart.


Water/ Sewer

The Water Division of the Public Works Department is managed by Jacky Hicks and is responsible for the production, treatment and distribution of all water supplied to the citizens for the Town of Haughton. In addition, all service work, meter reading and maintenance of water lines and facilities is performed by this division. The Town of Haughton Wastewater Treatment Department maintains and operates 21 liftstations located throughout the town to collect and deliver the wastewater in to the wastewater plant located on Lincoln Avenue.

The wastewater plant and all lift stations are inspected by public works employees 365 days a year. The wastewater plant is also monitored 24 hours a day by a computer alarm monitoring system.

Our number one priority is providing our customers with a safe, reliable and affordable supply of drinking water. We are proud to report that the water provided by the Town of Haughton meets or exceeds established government water quality standards. Have questions about your water quality? Click here to read about our water quality standards and how we strive to provide you the best water possible!


Town of Haughton-Lead and Copper Rule-System Materials Evaluation


Town of Haughton Water System serves approximately 1,750 water customers. Our distribution system utilizes cast iron, ductile iron, galvanized iron, PVC, and HDPE for the mains and copper, galvanized pipe, PVC, and HDPE for the services. We are not aware of any lead pipes, lead service lines or connectors in the system. Our meters are lead free.

Below are items within our distribution system that can contain Lead and Copper:

Customer homes with copper service lines, plumbing and pipes.

Customer homes with lead components and lead solder.

Internal fire hydrant components prior to 2014 that may contain lead alloy.

Brass fittings installed before 2014 that may contain lead alloy.