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A message from the mayor,

   On behalf of the great citizens of the Town of Haughton, I would like to welcome you to our town and web site.

     Located on the East side of the Shreveport-Bossier metropolitan area, the Town of Haughton is a great place to visit, as well as reside. Haughton is situated just right to provide the resources, entertainment, and opportunity of the Shreveport-Bossier area while at the same time providing that special small town comfort to come home too. Integrating that small town comfort with the ever-growing economic development within the town has been a well achieved goal by our citizens and their governing body. With our community’s outstanding hospitality and beautiful landscape, Haughton is definitely a place I, and hopefully you, love to call home.  “We’re Haughton Proud!”

                                                                      - Carlton “Pee-Wee” Anderson

The town of Haughton is an ever growing community tied together with traditional family values and a sincere sense of fellowship. With a vast growing economic environment, Haughton continues to keep that wonderful southern hospitality embedded deep within the town’s roots.

One of the many attributes that allows Haughton to be such a wonderful place to call home too, is our spectacular location. Located in northwest Louisiana, which is also home to Louisiana’s Sportsman Paradise , Haughton is situated within a thirty minute drive of many lakes and state parks. Although you wont be able to tell from standing in the center of town, Haughton is only a ten minute drive from the third largest metropolitan area in the state, Shreveport-Bossier, which provides endless entertainment, resources, and opportunities.

We hope you take the time to stop by and if you do, we guarantee you'll enjoy your stay! Haughton is and always will be a place for YOU to call home too, so please join us in saying

“We’re Haughton Proud”!



Haughton, Louisiana.... A Place to Call Home

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